Suitcase Demo Displays

Designed for portability for large items, the suitcase demo packages the display into a carrying case for convenient mobility.

| Aluminum or acrylic panels for components
| Impact-resistant case
| Plug and play operation
| Custom colors and configurations available

Field Application Engineering

A vital part of the sales cycle for Field Application Engineers is to be able to visit new and existing clients to show the latest products their company has to offer. With Tech-Demos plug and play suitcases and briefcases you will have the convenience of a portable demonstration solution. Our suitcases and briefcases start with top of the line Pelican-Hardigg cases that are ATA approved for carry-on, checked luggage or shipping to make logistics easy.

Whats inside?
We integrate your components in to a working plug and play demo that takes little or no set up once you reach your destination. In most cases, just open the case, add power and you’re ready to go.

Our cases insure that nothing gets left behind, everything is conveniently mounted inside the case for a professional and impressive presentation and there is no fumbling with set up in front of your client.

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